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The Dugan Irby Band
(The DIB)

The Dugan Irby Band’s genre-defying music is best described as

Modern Americana, blending a variety of styles including blues, folk, and

rock, creating an enjoyable listening experience for all.


The three piece DIB sprung from the foot of the Bighorn Mountains

near Sheridan, Wyoming. Band members include Dugan Irby (vocals,

guitar), Rod Jost (bass), and Titus Brown

(drums, percussion, vocals). Together these seasoned musicians craft

their sound from a rich and eclectic catalogue of musical experiences.

With Dugan clearly at the helm, his vocals offer a sound not only true

to himself but with a refreshing rawness and authenticity.


Their debut album was recorded at The Cabin Studio in Nashville,

TN. Each track will resonate in your soul from the simple and

common experience of “Early Morning Blues” to the age-old question

of what are you “Looking For”.  The DIB is excited to announce they

are heading back to the studio in the winter of 2024 with some

impressive new material.

Stay tuned!


Want to learn more about The Dugan Irby Band, their music and their tour dates? Then follow us on social media and/or feel free to shoot us a phone call or an email anytime! 
Want to speak to the band about a potential booking? Then send a text, email, or give us a phone call to receive all of our booking info.

Dugan: (307) 737-2649


Jan Guynn (Management): (303) 907-7990

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